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Andy Capps Hot Fries 85gr – 227gr

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Andy Capps chips are coming to steal hearts! They are baked in the oven and made from potato and corn. One bite is enough to become your favorite salty snack! contain no unsaturated fats and come in 3 different flavours that are worth trying.

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Andy Capps chips baked in the oven and made from potato and corn. One bite of these delicious snacks is enough to become your favourite savoury snack! These chips have a “French fry” look and are clearly here to steal hearts. Their wine-like feel and irresistible taste will impress you 100%! Specifically, these delicious chips come in 3 different versions that are all worth trying: barbecue, cheddar and hot fries.

Do you have a trip or excursion planned? A meeting with your friends or just want to hang out on the couch watching a movie? These chips will definitely keep you the best company! And guess the best one?

Andy Capps are low in fat

It is worth saying at this point that these chips contain no unsaturated fats and have only 19g of carbohydrate. Plus, not only are they delicious, but each bag has only 110 calories! So you won’t feel guilty about “breaking” your diet. Also, even though Andy Capps are known as “hot”, don’t let that description fool you. Their spicy taste is not as strong as you might think. So you can eat them without fear even if you are not a fan of spicy flavours.


The story of Andy Capps chips began in far-off America in the 1970s. The founder is ConAgra Foods (formerly Goodmark Foods Inc) as it used the name and artwork of the comic book character of the same name. Also, this particular version of the salty snacks is the one that shot the company’s publicity to the top! The character Andy Capp, first appeared in the English newspaper Daily Mirror in 1958 as a cartoon panel. Despite the decades that have passed, this character continues to appear in more than 500 newspapers worldwide.


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