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Brain Blasterz Bitz Apple & Strawberry 45gr


Everyone likes sweet and sour flavours, that’s why at e-snacks.gr we make sure to offer you many such products. Brain Blasterz Bitz come to our store with apple & strawberry flavor with grade 1 sour, ideal for everyone!


Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Acidity Regulators (E330, E296), Thickener (E414), Flavorings, Colors (E163, E161b).

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Brain Blasterz, the perfect bittersweet treat that will “blow your mind”! If you also love sophisticated snacks, e-snacks has the solution once again with these candies. Having made a splash in more than 40 countries, they have now come to Greece to prove their worth. The combination of bitter and sweet sensation of this marshmallow makes it a perfect choice for you who wants something new. The specific version of these candies contains 2 irresistible, fruity flavours, and we are referring of course to apple and strawberry.

Brain Blasterz, idealfor you who prefer not too sour snacks

The Brain Blasterz have already become the number 1 sour candies in Europe, thanks to their unique taste. But if you’re not too fond of sour marshmallows, don’t worry. This version is not particularly sour, as their sourness rating is only 1 out of 5. But that’s not all. In addition, these candies are even ideal for vegans. So don’t miss the opportunity to try them, especially if you consider yourself a snacker with a particular taste.


And now it’s time to enrich your knowledge thanks to Snackipedia. The creator of this range of marshmallows is Bon Bon Buddies. The range started in 2011 and these snacks are produced in the UK. The beginning of course was quite different from what followed, as the marshmallows were more spicy. The brand continued to market hot snacks, such as the very hot
brain burner ore
. The aim of Bon Bon Buddies is therefore to offer flavours for all the commons, with a twist. All that remains is to find the one that suits you.


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Brain Blasterz


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