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Candy pops combine two of America’s favorite snacks for a unique treat! The delicious taste of M&M’s in a crunchy popcorn package! An incredibly tasty combination, low in calories and guaranteed to delight snack lovers!

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Because who said popcorn is only salty? We are proud and happy to present Candy Pop – sweet and crunchy corn bites with delectable hints of your favorite M&M’s. No more ordinary and mainstream snacks in classic flavours. At e-snacks, we like to try something new and unusual, something different and special. As you can understand, Candy Pop is one of those exquisite and special snacks that have stolen our hearts.

Popcorn has always been a tasty companion on winter evenings when we burn it off either with movies/series or gaming. But this version is suitable for you who can’t choose: salty or sweet? Well, why not both? The solution turns out to be simpler than we expected.

Candy Pop for every hour and moment

Do you have a passion for M&M’s? Do you love popcorn? Here you are! Candy Pop popcorn with M&M’S is the perfect snack to have with you at any time of the day. Plus, you can try them with your friends or hide somewhere secluded with a bag all by yourself. And if that’s not enough for you, click
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The Cookie & Candy Pop has revolutionized with its innovative snacks! She started with the aim of making movie nights at the cinema more special. Specifically, she wanted viewers to have the option to try popcorn with familiar sweet flavors like M&M’S, Snickers, Chips-Ahoy, etc., and she succeeded! For 100 years, this idea has been giving unique moments of enjoyment to both young and old alike. Their crunchy coating combined with the familiar flavors we all love from our childhood, makes for the most imaginative snack choice!

At e-snacks we have what you are looking for! Discover all the unique products and indulge in the most frenetic and fun tasting journey.

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