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Made with real cheese and crunchy as ever, Cheetos Crunchy come from America and will have you licking your fingers!

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Cheetos Crunchy, the ultimate snack for those who love cheesecakes.

The version that started it all. Cheetos with a strong cheese taste are the first snacks from the well-known brand. e-snacks always brings you the most special and classic flavours. So give your moments a taste with these cheeseburgers. The Cheetos Crunchy became a hit in the United States from the very first moment for two reasons.

Cheetos Crunchy, crunchy and cheesy feeling.

These reasons have to do with their addictively crunchy feeling, of course, but also the cheese they contain. In particular, the Cheetos Crunchy are made from real Cheddar cheese, which will have you licking your fingers. Also, it is without a doubt the perfect snack for all ages and all kinds of snackers. Your friends and family are sure to love them. Have you tried them? If not, don’t wait any longer. Make them yours instantly and keep it cheesy!


Ready to learn some fun facts about the most famous flavor of Cheetos? Originally, Cheetos Crunchy were released in 1948 by the Frito-Lay Company in Texas. That is, when those were released the iconic mascot, Chester Cheetah, didn’t exist yet. Although there are now over 20 versions of the Cheetos, this one was the only one on the market until 1971. The next version in the Cheetos line-up was Cheetos Puffs, and thanks to them the company made a new opening. In fact, these flavors were the first to start selling outside of America. In the following decades snackers could find them in shops in Brazil and China. So Cheetos broke records, as no American snack had ever made it to China before.

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