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Cheetos Jalapeno Cheddar is another American version of our favorite Cheetos. Made with real cheese combined with jalapeno pepper that gives it a spicy taste, it’s definitely a snack that will make you lick your fingers.

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Jalapeno Cheddar, the spicy version of the famous Cheetos range. Are you a fan of classic flavours, but do you also like spicy snacks? These Cheetos is what you are looking for! The beloved cheeseburgers that have captivated the world have their spicy version. Thanks to the real cheese they contain, they have an irresistible crunch that has enchanted all snackers. All you have to do is gather your friends and share the Cheetos Jalapeno Cheddar. This snack is perfect as a side dish, and you can enjoy it on its own. You can, for example, combine it with the sandwich or burger of your choice for an even greater treat. Also, it contains no cholesterol or trans fats and is low in sugar.

Jalapeno Cheddar with a strong chili flavor.

The jalapeno pepper is a medium-sized chilli pepper belonging to the species Capsicum annuum. This famous pepper has its roots (literally and figuratively) in Mexico, where it was first cultivated. Moreover, this pepper accounts for 30% of the country’s pepper production, proof of the demand for it. By buying this product you are actively helping the local community and production. The Cheetos Jalapeno Cheddar contain green jalapeño, but if it matures it can turn red, yellow or orange. The range of hotness of this pepper, measured in Scoville units, is 3 500 to 8 000. In other words, this pepper is the 18th hottest pepper by this unit of measurement. Therefore, it’s not particularly spicy if you don’t like spicy foods.


The Cheetos Jalapeno Cheddar were first released in 2007, and are thus part of the well-known company’s recent flavours. But that didn’t stop them from becoming a hit, thanks to their fantastic and crispy feel.

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