Cheetos Mac N Cheese Bold and Cheesy 167gr


Cheetos Mac n Cheese pasta will become your next favorite meal! They have a crunchy taste, 0 unsaturated fats and the characteristic irresistible cheese taste. You can cook them with water or a little milk, butter or margarine, and your favourite Cheetos pasta is ready in just 7 minutes.

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Cheetos Mac n Cheese dumplings did you know they existed? And yet yes! At e-snacks we give you the chance to try one of the latest ranges of the much-loved Cheetos brand. As the Bold and Cheesy version is part of the famous American brand that started in 1948. Specifically, it combines pasta with the characteristic cheese flavor of the famous Cheetos. A combination that, to tell the truth, is hard to say no to. Here goes the line… I’m a spaghetti man what can we do!

The process of preparing them is quite simple. You can make this pasta with milk or water, let it boil for about 7 minutes and it’s ready! You can also make them even better by adding extra ingredients like grated cheese or salsa of your choice. Cheetos Mac n Cheese can even be served with your favourite main course. It is the perfect side dish choice. In general, the more experiments you do with these delicious pasta, the more chances you have to discover the coolest recipes.

Cheetos Mac n Cheese for one delicious meal

Cheetos’ delicious spaghetti is the perfect case for a full meal. They have a crunchy feel, contain just 240 calories and no unsaturated fats. In addition, they are available in 3 different flavors that are all addictively delicious.

Have you been baking to taste Cheetos’ cheesy pasta?



The Cheetos Mac n Cheese product line started its journey of success in 2016. Then, Cheetos partnered with the equally famous Burger King chain to create “Mac N Cheetos”. Immediately after their release, they became a great success. On this occasion, Cheetos decided to launch its own exclusive range of macaroni and cheese in 2020. As expected, they quickly won the impressions and the love of the audience.


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