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Chupa Chups Drink Grape 345ml


Chupa Chups Drink Grape is a sparkling grape flavoured drink, ideal to accompany a hot summer day. Those of you who love lollipops will definitely love them.

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Chupa Chups grape flavored drink will become your sweetest and freshest treat!

Apart from lollipops, the well-known company has also released a range of soft drinks in various fruity flavours that remind us of summer. They are all delicious and worth trying.

Chupa Chups Drink sparkling

With unique flavors such as grape, mango, melon, orange and everyone’s favorite strawberry, you will love them all! This Chupa Chups range brings summer in a glass for you and your friends to enjoy. Specifically, you can take them with you to the beach, on your walks or while you’re hanging out on the terrace of your house. And the best; For you who don’t want to spoil your figure, the Chupa Chups drink has only 12.2 calories. How much more perfect?


Chupa Chups was founded in 1958 by Enic Bernat in Barcelona, Spain.

Did you know that Salvador Dali created the logo for the Chupa Chups?
CAIRO – July 4, 1969 : Salvador Dali is a Spanish artist and surrealist. He was known for his pointed mustache and painted melting clocks.
But what most people do not know is that he was also the graphic designer behind the classic Chupa Chups logo .
While working at a coffee table for an hour, Salvador Dali managed to design a logo that went down in history.

Salvador Dali, the eccentric surrealist known for his distinctive pointed mustache and painting melting clocks, was also the graphic designer behind the classic Chupa Chups – an ever-sweet, radiant rendition of a daisy.

The first marketing campaign was the logo with the slogan “ós rodó i dura molt, Chupa Chups”, which in the Catalan dialect means “It is round and long lasting”. Later, celebrities like Madonna were hired to advertise the product.

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