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Dr Pepper Cream Soda 355ml


Dr Pepper has a history of almost 150 years, started in the USA and is known all over the world, in some states it is even the first in the sale of soft drinks. This creamy vanilla flavor is sweeter than ever!

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Dr Pepper soft drinks with a history of almost 150 years. Another perfect addition to the collection of e-snacks comes to steal the show! This soft drink has the sweetest taste of creamy vanilla and is sure to become your favorite choice. Specifically, this refreshing flavor enchants young and old and combines the classic taste of Dr Pepper with vanilla cream. We know, an unexpected flavor combo that, believe us, will surely seduce you.

Dr Pepper with taste Vanilla Cream

One of the world’s most recognized flavors that is worth trying. Keep reading to learn about the success story of the well-known company below.


These Dr Pepper sodas are much older than you thought! You don’t believe it?

Originally, in 1880 in Waco, Texas, a pharmacist discovered the recipe and it was served as a drink a few years later. To test his new drink, he offered it to a local shop. The result? The people of that state love it and go to that particular store to drink it. However, there are many, many theories surrounding his name.

Moreover, in 1904 they launched the soft drink in the United States of America, and a few years later it was loved around the world, where it was introduced. Naturally, due to the public’s love for Dr Pepper soft drinks, a range of flavours were released. More specifically, this soft drink is available in 23 flavors that will make your taste buds go crazy!

Finally, in some US states it has been the top-selling soft drink for many years in a row. E-Snacks brings you closer to this pleasure! Try this twist: the deliciously smooth vanilla flavor in a glass with ice and lemon slice. It’s just COLLAGE!

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