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Fanta Grape 355ml


Fanta Grape, the soft drink-soda with its special sweet taste, which will not leave anyone unmoved. Grape flavor will excite young and old, and will offer a feeling of coolness especially on hot summer days.

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Fanta Grape, the soft drink-soda with its special sweet taste, which will not leave anyone unmoved.
e-snacks brings you one of Fanta’s most famous soft drinks to satisfy your thirst. Moreover, containing grapes, one of the best summer fruits, it is the most refreshing suggestion for hot days.

Fanta grape, summer in your glass

It is not only an ideal soft drink for sunny days, but also to put you in a holiday mood. Therefore, “equip” yourself with one of these, as they will come in handy not only on your holidays, but even when you are relaxing on the terrace.

Delightful TIP for the fishers.

Put your favourite fruit, preferably grapes, in a blender. Then add fanta grape and then 2 tablespoons of yoghurt. Mix well and then add the mixture to special moulds that are for freezing.

The result will blow you away, believe us!


First of all, Fanta grape, or this grape masterpiece, will give colour and flavour to your summer evenings.
Its characteristic purple color, mobain pigment, or aniline purple, is the first synthetic aniline pigment.
This, in particular, was accidentally discovered in 1856 by Sir William Henry Perki in his attempt to make artificial quinine.
(Get out of me!). In short, add some colour to your life with this cool fruity refreshment.

Fanta Grape is known both within America, where it was first released in 1960. Its recognition has spanned Canada, England and Ireland and is one of the most iconic soft drinks in the Fanta line-up. Moreover, its long history is indicative of its popularity and value around the world, with its strong grape flavour making it one of the most refreshing drinks. Besides, its sweet taste makes sure that it is suitable for all ages.

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