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Funyuns Flamin Hot 163gr


Favorite American “rings” with onions come to set fire to your mouth. If you are ready to get out of the ordinary then we would definitely suggest you to try Funyuns Flamin Hot.

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Funyuns Flamin Hot are here at e-snacks to set your mouth on fire! Are you ready to break away from the usual snacks? If so, then Funyuns are what you are looking for! Originally, they were called “OnYums”. Later they acquired the name by which they became known worldwide! That is, a combination of Fun + Onions. These snacks were introduced in 1969 by the PepsiCo Company and since then they have been loved all over the world.

Funyuns Flamin Hot – the fun of your day

More specifically, their crunchy texture combined with the intense onion flavor and spicy sensation will fascinate you. But don’t chew! They are so delicious that you will manage to eat the whole bag. The question is whether after the first bite you’ll want to share this snack with a friend. There have been a lot of people arguing about the taste of Funyuns Flamin.


Whether you’re on the go or hanging out with friends, it’s the perfect snack! Their explosive taste will win you over from the very first bite. So much so that you definitely won’t want anyone else to eat it. So stock up properly! In addition, he has appeared in well-known American television series such as Breaking Bad and How I Met your Mother.

Over the years they have been released in several flavors, such as wasabi or chile & limon. Certainly, the classic Original Funyuns that you can only find at e-snacks continue to be one of the top snack choices worldwide. So delicious and tasty, onion rings are simply the perfect solution to have with you in moments of cravings! Find them here.

In addition, you will find recipes that use Funyuns as a main ingredient. In fact, many people prefer these snacks in their kitchen instead of fried onions or even crushed onions as a turkey topping on Thanksgiving.

Next time you want to try something different, you’ll know!

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