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The famous Herr’s Carolina Reaper American shrimp arrived at e-snacks.gr to set your mouth on fire. Made with real cheese and Carolina Reaper hot peppers, they bring the hottest taste experience. In addition, the Carolina Reaper pepper was named the world’s hottest chilli pepper in 2017. Are you sure you want to try them?

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Herr’s Carolina Reaper is definitely the hottest shrimp you’ve ever tasted! With more than 1,500,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) this pepper will create a truly scorching experience. In other words, if you have a particular preference for spicy snacks, then this is the perfect choice. Of course, you have to have strong nerves and a lot of patience to cope with how spicy they are. So if you dare, try them! It is certainly not by chance one of the world’s favourite snacks! Some would call it the reaper of flavor, others would call it the reaper because its spicy flavor will reap all previous shrimp once and for all.

Herr’s Carolina Reaper the hottest tasting experience

As spicy as they are, they taste so good with real cheese that you’ll want to try them. So give them a chance and just YOLO.


First of all, let us introduce the Herr’s family. More specifically, starting in 1946 and continuing today, they make a range of delicious snacks that we all enjoy and choose. The company that took the simple potato chip and made an explosive flavor, addictive in every bite, has exceeded everyone’s expectations. And so it was time to introduce Herr’s Carolina Reaper. The famous American corn shrimp with real cheese in a flavor that…will set you on fire!

In addition, they voted this pepper as the hottest chilli pepper in the world in 2017. The queen of hot peppers challenges you to face her in a baggie. Highly spicy taste with a fruity note is really out of the competition. Also, if you’re a fan of spicy snacks discover Herr’s Jalapeno Cheese Curls. Unique cheddar cheese flavor with a small pinch of jalapeno pepper. Crunchy yet addictive, they’re sure to burn you up. The only thing that will comfort you is their irresistible flavor.

We warned you about the Carolina Reaper!

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