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Hostess Ding Dongs 360gr


Hostess Ding Dongs filled cupcakes with sweet cream and coated with chocolate icing. A real treat!

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Want to try the unique flavours of Hostess Ding Dongs? You can find them exclusively at e-snacks.gr .
These sweet muffins are dipped in rich chocolate and have a sensational vanilla filling. Plus, they’re fluffy and juicy, and so delicious that you’ll be drooling! The chocolate base with the vanilla is a dream! In addition, these American snacks have gained a lot of love from sweet lovers around the world. After all, who couldn’t love this wonderful combination? So they rightly have a dominant place in our hearts. On our website, you can find many different Hostess flavors that are worth trying.



Hostess Ding Dongs for your daily cravings

These little chocolate bites can be enjoyed with coffee, tea or a glass of milk. Also, each box contains 10 unique cupcakes. They have a creamy filling and are a real temptation. Everything you need for your daily cravings. So, why don’t you place your order and try them out?


It was King Dons who created these fine chocolate cakes in the United States of America in the 1960s. To advertise Hostess Ding Dongs, he had a vision to do something special to give them a unique “tautness”. Somehow, he created the cartoon character King Ding Dong. Specifically, this character is into gymnastics and sports a crown and scepter to feel like he’s above everyone else. In order to feel like a king.He also had some things in common with the other Hostess characters. Some of them are Captain Cupcake, Happy Ho Ho, Twinkie the Kid, Fruit Pie the Magician, and Chipper Brownie.


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