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Hostess Twinkies 360gr


Hostess Twinkies authentic American snack cakes. White cream filled cake that will make you lick your fingers!

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Who doesn’t love Hostess Twinkies?Without a doubt, anyone who has tried this cake with the creamy filling at least once can’t forget it!

Hostess has a dominant place in the hearts of the American population. All its products stand out for their unique and sweet taste. But other than how delicious they are, how much do you really know about Twinkies? In particular, do you know how these snacks got their name? Or that Minnesota has enforced a law involving them? Find all the hot information below!

Get ready, to find out the most fun facts about Hostess Twinkies



To begin with, the Hostess Twinkies we know and love today are filled with an enticing vanilla cream filling. But this was not always the case. More specifically, when they were first released in the 1930s, their filling tasted like bananas. Not only that, but they had real bananas and real cream.

Unfortunately, this did not last long. During World War II they distributed all the bananas. As a result, the company had difficulty keeping up with supply and demand. It was then that the company turned to a vanilla cream filling as their main flavor and never looked back. They made a big splash with this idea!

Since then, Hostess Twinkies have been released in several special versions of their cream filling. Specifically, some of them are strawberry cream, chocolate cream, raspberry cream and finally, banana cream. But this filling now contains two percent less banana puree, which didn’t bother fans anyway. So in 2007 they brought back banana flavoured twinkies to promote the movie King Kong. This increased sales by 20 percent.

Coincidence; Ask King Kong.

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