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Lotus Biscoff 400gr


Lotus Biscoff, those famous and delicious biscuits, come to e-snacks in spread form. You can’t not try it! Spread it on a slice of bread or use it to make desserts. No dyes, no artificial flavors. Suitable for vegan & vegetarians.

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Lotus Biscoff, the Belgian biscuits are here to make your everyday life delicious.

We’ve taken it a step further and bring you the caramelized cookie spread that will make your mouth water! You can’t help but succumb to that taste. And you certainly can’t eat just one spoonful. Once you open it, there is no turning back. You’ll eat it all!


First, let’s take a look at how these fragrant, buttery biscuits came to be with fanatical fans all over the world. Their story begins in 1932 in a local bakery in the town of LeBec, Belgium. More specifically, the perfection in their unique taste was the result of carefully selected natural ingredients. The founders of the company were three brothers who made breakfast biscuits and then specialised in them. Thus, very quickly the biscuits became known in America, and as a result they became a favourite in every corner of the world thanks to their aroma and taste.

But why not have all those cookies in a jar?

The jar of perfection is here – Lotus Biscoff in spread

In Belgium, the inhabitants had a very special habit. More specifically, for decades they have been putting their favourite Lotus biscuit on their bread. Some used the whole biscuit, some rubbed it on bread, while others dipped it in their favourite drink. Delicious, but not at all practical.

Until… there was the one who had the one and only idea! Why not do it in the form of a spread? An active mom (oh those moms) created her own recipe and presented it on a TV show. Of course the public was surprised by this invention and the woman managed to reach the final of the competition. Eventually, he partnered with Lotus Bakeries and that’s how this soft perfection came to be.

The secret is in 3 things. The unique taste, the buttery aroma and the crunchy bite, as it contains small pieces of caramelized biscuits. Whether it’s for you or a gift for your loved one, you’ll enjoy it either way. Also, add it to dessert recipes to make them pop! Try putting it in your cheesecake cookie base or turning a simple muffin into a divine treat.

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