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Lucky Charms Chocolate 311gr


Lucky Charms Chocolate is a whole grain cereal with pieces of chocolate cereal and of course you could not miss the colorful marshmallows of Lucky that you already know and love.

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Lucky Charms Chocolate by General Mills came to e-snacks.gr in yet another exciting flavor! Crunchy and colourful chocolate bites that make the perfect mix with the much-loved marshmallows. A quite tempting combination! At the same time, these whole grains give you energy and cheer you up with every bite you eat! What better could you ask for?

Lucky Charms in the sweetest combination

And because chocolate is the illicit bond, it is impossible not to enjoy it every day. But a strong love like this needs its colour. The colour is achieved with the colourful marshmallows that come in various shapes that are simply adorable!

Lucky Charms with colourful hearts, rainbows, orange stars and the list goes on and on. But the appetite is definitely whetting!

And it’s time for a look back at the past…


Did you know that Lucky Charms was created in 1964 by product developer John Holahan?
This happened because General Mills management challenged a team of product developers to create a new product that was as unique as it was delicious.

Somewhere here came Holahan who came up with the idea to mix Cheerios with pieces of peanuts.
In particular, an advertising company employed by General Mills and Company proposed the marketing of new cereals around the idea of charm bracelets.
Somehow, the charm of Charms was born. Lucky is the first cereal to include marshmallows in the recipe.
Of course, we would not leave out the Lucky Charms mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, also known as Sir Charms.

The voice of the cartoon character was formed by the late vocal actor Arthur Anderson until 1992.
As well, piggy banks and plastic watches were introduced as cereal box shipping rewards as a marketing tactic to increase sales.
The recipe for cereals remained unchanged until the introduction of a new chocolate flavor in 2005.


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