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Mountain Dew 355ml


Mountain Dew is one of the favorite soft drinks in the USA, it is really a symbol of soft drinks! Delightfully sweet and refreshing, Mountain Dew is a unique citrus-flavored drink that instantly quenches thirst. With a strong lemon flavor and caffeine, Mountain Dew refreshes both the body and the mind.

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Mountain Dew – the symbol of soft drinks worldwide. It’s one of the US ‘s favorite soft drinks that break the bank every day in terms of sales. How could it not, when it has such a unique taste that stands out from the classics? In particular, this refreshment is extremely refreshing and deliciously sweet! This adorable citrus flavored drink is perfect for those hot summer days and beyond.

Mountain Dew you’ll say and you won’t get enough

If green is your favourite colour and you also like citrus, then look no further. Mountain Dew will “seduce” you with its tempting taste. Once you try it, you’ll know what you’ve been missing all this time. Plus, this refreshment is just what you need for the summer. It rejuvenates both the body and the mind. Enjoy it with your friends in a glass full of ice cubes. Let the taste of lemon quench your thirst and give you the energy you need!


First of all, it should be pointed out that Mountain Drew has an age… 82 years old! And yet it is true! It was invented in 1940 in Tennessee, USA by a bottling company. More specifically, there was only one flavour until 1980 with a strong lemon and caffeine taste. Later, the fragrant cherry flavor came to market and became a favorite of the American culture community.

In addition, a few years later his “DEWmocracy” advertising campaign included new flavours, colours and a product refresh. His loyal fans were able to choose the new flavors through a video game, which they did. What is your favourite version of the company?

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Mountain Dew


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