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Mountain Dew Flamin Hot 345ml


Once again e-snacks.gr brings you another fantastic soft drink for the first time in Greece. The Mountain Dew we all know in a Flamin Hot version! If you’re wondering how a soft drink feels when it catches fire in your mouth, there’s nothing left to do but try it!

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The new Mountain Dew Flamin Hot is not as innocent as it looks. You got that right. He’s here to set your mouth on fire! This sweet citrusy taste combined with a supernatural peppery essence will make you red in the face. Once you try it, it’s too late. You’ve done the Dew.

It may sound like a crazy name for a product to consume. It also might work more as a warning label that actually means “ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE GOING TO EAT 5 BUTTER BURROWS?” Even abbreviating Mountain to MTN makes it look more extreme! That is, just in case you happened to mistake it for something mild and natural.

Mountain Dew Flamin Hot and brains on the rails!


Originally, the soft drink was first introduced on June 25, 2021 by a Twitter user who was the first to taste the flavor. In fact, the release was supposed to come out 2 months later, but a few cans had been put on the market for the public to try. Since its release, the soft drink was SOLD OUT an hour later. The company removed it from the website, so it is not certain that it will be re-released.

Later, in April 2022, an event was held to promote and re-release Mountain Dew Flamin Hot. New soft drinks such as Mountain Dew Flamin Hot Bloody Mary, Margarita Picante, The Blazin’ Bahama, Red Hot Rum and Hot Vodka were introduced at the event. Definitely unique and special flavors.

But what does it taste like? It tastes like an orange soda with a hint of hot cayenne pepper. It starts with a sweet, refreshing orange sensation, that of the classic Mountain Dew. And suddenly!!! Out of nowhere.. you get this peppery spiciness that will definitely not fade away anytime soon. In the first sip you’ll feel that pleasant contrast of ingredients, which will push you to drink it all.

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