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Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Vegeta Cider 330ml


The exciting Ocean Bomb range of soft drinks brings together your favourite Dragon ball heroes in a variety of flavours in beautiful soft drink cans that no collection should be without. Enjoy the cider taste with the Vegeta version.

Carbonated Water (99%), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Cider Flavouring (0.0014%), Citric Acid.

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Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Vegeta Cider, a soft drink that arrives like a wave from the depths of Asia to Greece!

If you love anime, and especially Dragon Ball, you can’t miss the soda version of Vegeta. Its explosive taste will boost your energy and put you in Super Saiyan mode. The sparkling water it contains tastes like orange and its refreshing aroma will refresh you. If you’ve had a rough day, take this collectible drink out of the fridge and enjoy it the way it deserves.

Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Vegeta with irresistible cider taste

The cider contained in this soft drink is the product of alcoholic fermentation of apple juice, and thus contains a small amount of alcohol. This drink contains 0.0014% cider flavor, and is ideal to pair with your favorite snacks.


The creator of the Dragon Ball Vegeta soft drink range and the Dragon Ball Vegeta version is YHB Ocean Bomb. This company is located in Taiwan in East Asia, and it is named for a reason. The brand uses water from the depths of the ocean for the carbonated water in its soft drinks. It also conducts extensive and time-consuming research and testing to find the cleanest water in Taiwan. In particular, it carries out careful microorganism testing and ensures the stability of water quality. As an Asian company, it is an expert in drinks involving many different anime and characters from them. Some of these include Pokemon and Sailor Moon, and even the Street Fighter gaming series. One thing is for sure, you’ve never tasted such a refreshing soda based on such natural ingredients.


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