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We finally brought it. Prime Hydration, the most wanted energy drink in Europe, is the product of a collaboration between two YouTube stars, American Logan Paul and British KSI. esnacks brings it first to Greece for you to try it.




Prime Hydration Drink – the ultimate energy drink that will hydrate your body and boost your performance! This well-known product travels for the first time in Greece exclusively at with unique and refreshing flavors to make your energy soar!!

A few words about the energy drink.

Initially, PRIME was founded by well-known youtuber Logan Paul and KSI in early 2022 based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The product was advertised through the social media of the founders, who together have over 40 million followers! How well did that go?! It was also promoted through popular sports companies.

Try the top flavors of Prime Hydration Drink

We at bring you the top flavors of Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime & Tropical Punch! Let’s start with Blue Raspberry which is one of the most popular and well-known flavors, as you will see in the video below. Then, many choose the Lemon lime which is a classic choice and is extremely refreshing and delicious. But if you want something sweeter, you can choose the tropical punch. Exotic flavors that definitely refresh you and are suitable for our athletic types who want their performance to soar! Worth trying. The hydration drinks additionally come in ice pop flavor, orange, meta moon, Strawberry Watermelon and grape.

Each drink contains 10% coconut water, 2g of sugar, 250mg of BCAA which improves the development of endurance and muscle strength as the most essential ingredient is electrolytes and vitamins. More specifically, electrolytes are a key component in maintaining fluid balance and of course in hydration. Their intake is essential throughout the training, especially during the summer months when we lose a lot of fluids from our body. So when you workout, you lose sweat and therefore your body’s electrolytes. This results in dehydration and therefore reduced performance.

But we don’t want that!!! Try consuming Prime Hydration Drink and stay hydrated for hours. Even if you’re not an athlete, but you’re still a fan of energy drinks, this is the ideal drink. But it can be even better. In addition to electrolytes, it has vitamins and minerals that are very important for overall health. For example, it has vitamins B6 and B12, which help maintain energy, and vitamin C, which is antioxidant and protects cells.

You want to make it even better? Well, yes we can!

It does not contain sugar, colourings and sweeteners. This means you can enjoy Prime Hydration Drink without worrying about unnecessary calories or harmful ingredients. However, the company also introduced Prime Energy in January 2022, which differs from Hydration. It contains 200mg of caffeine, twice the amount of an instant cup of coffee.

If you want to try it, you know where to find it. The ultimate energy drink for maximum hydration is just a click away. If you want to take a look at our full collection of energy drinks, you’ll find them all

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