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Did you know that Sour Patch Kids, the #1 selling sour candy in the US, can be made even more sour? Sour Patch Extreme is here to prove it. The soft little man-shaped jelly beans that change their taste as you chew them from sour to sweet have come to bring the ultimate tartness! They come in fruity flavors of strawberry, orange, pear and blue raspberry and you can now find them at

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Sour patch extreme and the sourness reaches an extreme high level! Don’t be fooled by the cute little people-candy that come in different colours and flavours. No, yes they have a rich sugar coating, but they are quite sneaky as they are super sour! In particular, as soon as you try them, your face will start to take on various “cringy” expressions. But at least they reward you with the sweet sensation that they leave while you chew it. So you won’t hold a grudge against them for long. In the USA in particular, these sour snacks are number 1! It would be impossible for them to be missing from the rich collection of irresistible snacks from abroad of

How curious are you to taste the sourdest candies on the market and make the weirdest faces?

The ultimate sour patch extreme sour patch is here

We highly recommend them to your parousia phase and it’s worth discovering all the different versions we have. Specifically, each bag has red, orange, blue, blue, yellow and green candies that create the most sour and sweet taste experience. Crazy? Grab the bag and start for the most intense pleasure! Compared to the Sour Patch Kids, the Extreme ones have an extra coating that will have you running for water. Strawberry, orange, pear and blue raspberry – flavours for all tastes. Plus, you can use the sour patch extreme in your favorite dessert recipe as a topping or as the theme for your next party! Definitely worth a try!


Did you know that in 2011 Sour Patch Extreme got their own video game? And yet, Playbrains has named the game World Gone Sour for a dose of an even more frantic and sour experience. As we said above, the foreign public has a special love for these mischievous little mischievous people. They manage to sweeten (or do they drive them crazy? ) everyone!

If you want to find the rest of the Sour Patch flavours click here.

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