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Sour Patch Kids are the #1 selling sour candy in the US. Sour Patch Kids Grape are grape shaped and flavored jelly beans and are another version of the favorite marshmallows for kids and adults. As you chew them, their taste changes from sour to sweet and they are ideal for all ages.

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Sour Patch Kids, the sweetest and sweetest people in their most classic taste.

Let the curtain fall please.

If we could describe Sour Patch Kids with a zodiac sign then surely this would be the duo. (we love you) #notThese jellies in human form are what they call a cold a heat.
Try one and you will make faces that you can not imagine, nerves will wake up in your face that you did not know existed.
As you bite them at first you will feel an intense sourness but as time goes by the taste that will flood your mouth will be as sweet as a summer flirtation.
If you are wondering what is sour sugar then let me laugh inside me and not answer, because you have to get this joy yourself.
I do not hide that I am sad not to see the funny grimaces you will get. Sour Patch Kids Grape is one of the most famous sweets in America, marginally better known than Madonna.
Sour Patch comes in many flavors such as watermelon, tropical strawberry fruit and the extreme taste for the most daring. The ultimate summer friend for the beach, every jelly “little man” you will find in the packaging will excite you with its colorful designs and the special variations that the “jackals” of Sour Patch have thought of.

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