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Space Raider 78gr


Space Raiders are here to invade your planet! The crunchy alien-shaped snack has been trying to take over the earth since 1987 and is loved by young and old alike.

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Space Raiders are here to invade your planet! British crunchy alien-shaped snacks that have been trying to take over the earth since 1987. But they are so tasty that they are delicious!

Space Raider for all ages

These salty snacks are loved by both young and old alike. This particular version is in pickled onion flavor, a pure temptation. So don’t look for it, place your order and experience the most amazing taste experience!


The beginning of Space Raider was in 1987 in England by KP Snacks. Initially, they were a mixture of wheat and corn and from the beginning they had already gained a large and fanatical audience. Moreover, to this day, 35 years later, that audience has grown and still loves them.

In 2010 they changed their packaging, as well as coming out in new flavors and ingredients that really came out to cause panic! More specifically, one of them is Saucy BBQ and Spicy, which will become popular in record time.

Our favorite aliens are now available in tempting flavors like beef, BBQ and other spicy flavors that will set you on fire!

We all love them because of their design as well as their fantastic flavors!

In addition, Space Raiders included comic strips on the back of the packaging until a few years ago. For a long time there were stickers and stories from the adventure series “Stars and its Alien Pirates”. Stories in which the aliens were afraid of the crackling sound of snacks.

Finally, each package includes delicious corn chips with pickle flavor, which are baked and not fried! They are also suitable for vegetarians. Space Raiders are a great snack that you can enjoy at picnics or even for snacking at any time of the day.

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