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Super Mario Funables Fruit Snacks 226gr


e-snacks.gr brings you another fantastic product for the first time in Greece that will make you love it! In a lovely 10-pack of 10 bags, the jelly beans with characters from the timeless Super Mario in fruity flavours!

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Funables Super Mario, with the most famous character in gaming and the Nintendo series of the same name! e-snacks brings for the first time in Greece the ultimate snack for fans of the famous Super Mario. “Here we go!” The Funables Super Mario are snacks made from fruit puree, rich in vitamins A, C, E and gluten and fat free. Suitable for people of all ages, the Funables Super Mario will help you power up. In the package you will find many characters of the famous Super Mario series in various shapes. From Super Mario and Princess Peach himself, to Luigi, Yoshi and Toad. You’ll find the characters in 10 separate bags that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

Funables Super Mario, for intensefruity flavours

You’ll also find a Super Mario-related quiz in the box, challenges to spot differences or identify shapes. Do you know the series well enough to answer the quiz correctly and find all the solutions? With the Funables Super Mario you will enjoy delicious, fruity bites of fun, but also test your knowledge.


The American company Ferrara based these Fruit Snacks on the famous Kellogg’s Fruity Snacks range. In particular, Ferrara acquired the fruit snack range from Kellog’s, along with ranges such as the biscuit or ice cream cone. The deal between the two American companies was “closed” at… 1.3 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. As for Ferrara, which has been around since 1946, it is the third largest company in the global chocolate confectionery market. The aim of the brand is to make the highest quality and healthiest snacks for families, especially children.


To find out more, register at channel YouTube channel to stay up to date.

If you want more sweets and candies, either with a fruity flavour or another flavour, take a look


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