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Takis Blue Heat tortilla chips come hotter than ever in a mesmerizing blue color. With the extreme burn of the chili pepper and the light lime aftertaste, you’re sure to get 100% burned and your tongue will turn blue.

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Takis Blue Heat are bluer and hotter than ever! These irresistible corn tortilla chips with Takis secret topping will have you in tears 100% of the time. In particular, their tasty and mysterious combination will not only burn you, but will also leave your tongue blue. In other words, it leaves its mark.

Takis Blue Heat the king of snacks

As the Takis Fuego, caused pandemonium, the snack lovers put the Takis Blue Heat on the throne. And he doesn’t intend to come down anytime soon. For those who know the magic of spicy snacks, they will appreciate its uniqueness.


The Takis product line offers unique tasting experiences in the world of snacks for years now. They were founded by Barcel in 1999 and were inspired by the traditional Mexican food, the taquito.

Therefore, Takis Blue Heat is a snack with a strong taste, which puts emphasis on being spicy and having a strong flavour.
Some of the Takis flavors are Nitro, Xplosion and its main flavor, Fuego (Fire).

As well, they have stormed the North American continent as they quickly climb from obscurity to popularity.
They tend to be red and orange in colour, although some flavours such as Guacamole have a more yellowish-green colour.

Takis are a mixture of a 3-inch corn chip wrapped in a thin tube and sprinkled with a variety of flavor powders.
The most popular is a spicy chili-flavored powder.
As they gained popularity as a snack in Mexico among many other countries.
As part of a diplomatic bid to improve Mexico-Russia relations, a huge consignment of Takis was delivered to parts of Russia. Including Siberia, in 2012.
Highly nutritious and readily available, they quickly became a staple of the Barnaul diet.
They are also easily recognizable because of their similarities to traditional spicy Siberian food.

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