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Takis Dragon Sweet Chili Rolled Tortilla Chips 280gr


Takis Dragon Sweet Chili Rolled Tortilla Chips offer a spicy sweet chili flavor wrapped in a fragrant snack.

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Takis Dragon Sweet Chili, wake up the dragon inside you. If this text had a sound, then it would definitely be a dragon roar.

Unique tortilla chips wrapped in a flavor that awakens even the most eerie sensation.

This dragon would be named Takis Dragon Sweet Chili , however do not be fooled by the “sweet” since it is not sweet at all!
A dragon with everything, throws delicious flames over our country.
This tour came to Greece for the first time, and guess who brought them.
But E-Snacks of course!

Clearly, not all of them can withstand the intense flavor combinations it offers, (but we are not talking about you that even the hot cheese burns you).


Takis Dragon Sweet Chili want daring soldiers

Soldiers who will fall in battle, will cry and quarrel with their glue even for the last piece.
If you are not one of them then you can try Sour Patch Kids Grape and see buddies.

Enter E-Snacks and passionately click on the name of this dragon to take you on a magical journey!
This dragon can enter your basket with one step and from there travel to your arms.
We could talk for hours about its unique packaging and irresistible taste.
But what makes these thin tortilla slices reverently wrapped in small rolls is just a fact.

Enter the battle, do not wait any longer.


Taki taki, taki taki rumba!

In our favorite Snackipedia we will not go back in time to discover in depth the historical taste of Takis Dragon Sweet Chili.
But we will suggest you try this special taste as you dance to the rhythms of the song!
Come and dance on the E-snack channel with new and unique products.

To see more subscribe to our channel ! on YouTube and be the first to know the hottest news.

And if you want even more hot snacks, find them here .


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