Takis Lollipop Fuego 25gr


Takis Fuego on a lollipop? And yet it is possible!
Coated with hot and spicy TAKIS flavor that offers an unusual and intense flavor. Want to try something different? We have definitely found the right product for you.

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Takis Lollipop, the unusually spicy lollipop is another product that e-snacks brings to Greece for the first time. It offers you a taste that is hard to find elsewhere. Surely when you think of lollipops, something sweet and usually fruity comes to mind. But this delicacy brought to you by Takis has a surprise in store for you. This lollipop satisfies both lovers of spicy foods and sweet foods (or those who prefer mixtures of the two). In case you prefer very spicy snacks, the packet contains chilli powder to adjust the flavour according to your tolerance. Can you bear to try it?

Takis Lollipop, burning on another level

An unusual snack that, believe me, you’ve never tried before. Unless you were a kid putting your lollipop in a hot pepper, if so then sorry about your childhood. So there are easier and tastier solutions, and this solution has a name. Takis Lollipop Fueeego Does Fuegoo remind you of anything?

In the summer of 2021, it came to the top of users’ social media posts, as it went viral through many accounts in the United States of America. With many young people posting their reactions to the moment they tried it and the tears raining down. How bold are you?

Do not be fooled by the taste of its outer part, the spicy feeling of chili brings the sweetest feeling of the inside of the lollipop.
Thanks to the chamoy flavored candy that is inside for a special combination. Some would call it the devil’s lollipop because after one bite you will know what hell means.

Takis Lollipop is a “relative” of Takis Fuego Chips.


Known as “lava bite”

While chamoy is a spice of Mexican origin that is with fruits such as apricot, chili, mango or plum, among others.
Plus, its spicy nature makes it the perfect food to challenge your group.
In a “battle” to find out who can withstand the hot chilli coating the most.

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