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Warheads Ooze Chews 99gr


ATTENTION: They are EXTREMELY Sour! Warheads Ooze got their name from the explosively acidic flavors that are packed into every candy they produce. Sure it will make your tongue pulse, but the delicious flavours will keep you tasting more and more – so go ahead, challenge yourself and your friends to see who is the king of sour! The favorite Warheads of young and old come to e-snacks.gr with a creamy filling of mango, strawberry, green apple, black cherry, watermelon and blue raspberry.

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Warheads Ooze, for an intense experience. e-snacks brings you the famous for their intense sour taste candy. We bring you this marshmallow from America and it is ideal for lovers of extreme and extremely “strong” flavours. Another reason why these candies are captivating is their delicious fruity taste and soft feeling.

Warheads Ooze, in unique flavours

In addition, the Warheads Ooze contain 6 different flavours to choose and try! In the packaging you will find both mango, strawberry and green apple flavored candies, as well as black cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry. Share them with your friends and find out who can take on the challenge. Can you stand the sour sensation of Warheads Ooze; If you want to see our reactions, watch the video below.


And now it’s time for a brief historical review. The Warheads brand was originally known as Mega Warheads. Warheads were originally created in far-off Taiwan, and they didn’t reach the United States until 1993. When they arrived in America, the Warheads soon became famous and popular with the younger generation. The reason is that students were having competitions among themselves to see who could eat the most Warheads at the same time.

As for their name, it refers to their intense taste that will “explode” in the mouth of anyone who tries them. This taste is mainly due to the malic acid contained in the jelly beans. This acid covers the outside of the candy. After 5 to 10 seconds the sour taste is no longer noticeable. In its place “comes” a mild taste that contains the least sour and the most flavourful ingredients, such as fruit. One test is enough to find out.


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